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Thư chia tay đồng nghiệp bằng tiếng anh

Dịch thuật Hanu xin giới thiệu mẫu thư chia tay đồng nghiệp bằng tiếng anh cho các bạn tham khảo. Khi chia tay đồng nghiệp hay công ty rất cần thiết một mẫu thư chia tay hay để có thể làm hài hòa các mối quan hệ.

Dear brothers and sisters. After 17 years and 05 months with FPT as well as FIS HCM with many ups and downs with the company, sad memories …

Today Duyen will send farewell FPT / FIS, farewell to the brothers and sisters You are going to reside in the United States according to the wishes of your family.
Only tomorrow (16/02/2011) Duyen will no longer step into the familiar working room, no longer meet the familiar faces, no longer worry about the routine of FIS Services , FPT-Mail account will no longer exist and many will no longer exist.

After the noisy hours with friends, colleagues … now sitting alone in the empty room, remember the time over 17 years with FPT passing quickly (?) And how can you How long have you been here? Remember the early days of stepping into FPT Ho Chi Minh City with astonishment in the way of working hard, playing the best of FPT; STCo culture is very unique and boldly embarrassed with newcomers to FPT as Duyen.

Then with the initial guidance of the leaders of FPT University and colleagues … plus the strong attraction of FPT culture, Duyen quickly integrated and became a FPTer from I do not know.

Until now, whenever we hear the singing or singing “FPT delegation is going away …”, in Duyen’s heart still felt emotions, still feel the flow of blood flowing in his body, I feel proud to be a FPT and perhaps these emotions will continue throughout the rest of my life.

Besides that, Duyen also honored the cooperation and guidance of the leaders of FPT University, FIS Management Board and other colleagues. At FSM, FIS7, FIS Services … you have seen Duyen as a friend, brother in the family, sincerely thank you for the cooperation, the sincere help of you and your colleagues.

It can be said that FPT as well as FIS is the second home of Duyen that Duyen is about to move away from it, perhaps later, it is difficult for Duyen to feel like at FPT / FIS.

Respectfully, FPT and FIS always develop strongly and permanently, becoming a powerful corporation in the region and in the world. Wishing FIS Services to continue to grow strongly and reach out to global service. May until later, Duyen can proudly introduce to his new colleague and his descendant that he (was) a FPT.

Please send your best wishes and good health, goodbye and goodbye.

Trên đây là mẫu thư chia tay đồng nghiệp bằng tiếng Anh mà dịch thuật Hanu sưu tầm được, hy vọng qua mẫu thư này bạn sẽ viết được một lá thư chia tay hay và ý nghĩa.

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